Faith – Hope – Love in Action

Faith – Hope – Love in Action

Faith – Hope – Love in Action

“… let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions.” 1John 3:18

Faith – Hope – Love in Action, the tagline for the United Methodist Women, is central to the mission to support women, children, and youth around the world. To do that, sacrificial giving is fundamental to accomplish its goals. Giving includes not only your treasures, but also your time and talents.

Personally, giving of time, talents and treasures came out of my gratitude, my gratitude to God for saving me and to the saints He put in my life to show me the way. I will never forget the missionaries of my former church who took time out of their day, to help me take care of my dad when he was ill. They gave of their time to clean his house, used their treasures and talents to buy groceries to stock his fridge and bring a meal or two, and to be in constant contact with him. They exemplified Love in Action.

They inspired me to have that same spirit of giving in service to others. As missionaries, we would buy food and coffee to make sunrise runs to the train station to talk with and witness to the homeless there. We ran clothing and toiletry drives to support local women’s shelters. Sacrificial giving made this all possible.

I found that same spirit here at St. Mark. Our UMW Unit plans and carries out projects that enable the organization to fulfill their purpose. The projects have benefited New Eyes for The Needy; St Jude Hospital; Board of Child Care, local women’s prison, shelters, nursing homes and hospitals. These projects rely on the willingness to give our time and gifts to make them successful.

The UMW sets aside specific months for special mission giving opportunities. The Pledge to Missions, The Call to Prayer and Self-Denial, the World Thank Offering and UMCOR donations are specific ways we can respond to God’s love for us with our gifts of gratitude. In our conference these gifts support several mission projects. In particular, the Susanna Wesley House in Baltimore provides a safe home and support for women and their children.

When the call goes out to support mission projects, consider that your giving may save a soul for Christ through your act of love. “Beloved, since God loved us so much, we also ought to love one another” 1 John 4:11

May God bless you and keep you in His perfect peace.

By Yvonne Pelham

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